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Service for your Standby Power

If you have home or commercial standby power units, you know regular generator service is a must. Our factory trained technicians are available 24/7 to maintain those units in proper working condition. Having the backup power units checked on a scheduled basis (contract maintenance) is an absolute for home healthcare equipment, for emergency medical, and other important safety facilities.

110_installOur factory trained technicians maintain your standby generator(s) to factory specifications. As a home or business owner you do not want an emergency to happen and your generator fails to operate. Generator maintenance is the heart of your peace of mind in owning and having that generator for power backup.

110_interiorviewOne of the necessary evils of a standby generator is the routine “exercise” mode. To ensure that the generator will provide immediate power during an outage, units are programmed to run themselves for a short amount of time on a regular schedule, and as a part of generator service. While this mode provides peace of mind to the homeowner, it also means a regular interruption to the peace and quiet around the home. Generators are engines, and engines produce noise. The decibel (dB) level of a generator is another comparison point that manufacturers are addressing in newer models.

110_electronicsGenerac’s Quiet-Test® feature lowers the generator engine speed during the weekly test-run, reducing the noise to the level of an idling car. “The engine runs at two-thirds of the normal RPM,” says Thomas. “This reduces decibel levels, uses less fuel and means less emissions.” Maintain your generator with contract maintenance from Woodchucks.

Maintain you generating system, large and small

184_gensetFrom smaller home generator systems for backup power, to large industrial generators for powering a mine or as standby power for your business, our trained and experienced staff will work with you to keep that generator in top condition. Because standby power systems do not run on a normal schedule, they need to be checked more often to prevent problems. Having a maintenance contract gives you additional piece of mind so that generator runs when needed.

An annual checkup is the minimal maintenance you should do for your generator. More often is better if the generator is only used for backup. If a generator is to be laid up, and not used for a few months or more, have one of our specialists check the unit, and prep it for extended storage; then visit your site just before start-up for the season. Ask about our contract maintenance programs for your generator system.

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